A member of the NTF Media Committee, Ikenna Okonkwo is a new generation active sports journalist, who takes pride in his chosen profession and has been highly active in promoting taekwondo related activities for the past three years, in addition to many other sports in the country.

The Mass Communications graduate who has worked as the Deputy Sports Editor of Nigeria Pilot is currently the Sports Editor, weekend title of Blueprint Newspapers and the Financial Secretary of the Sportswriter Association of Nigeria Abuja Chapter, recently welcomed his first baby. He spoke to us about the joy of being a father for the first time.


How is the feeling of having your first Child?

The feeling is quite enormous. People call me and say that you are a now daddy. That is what it is. I see it as God’s handwork and looking at so many things that happened before the eventual arrival of the baby, it has been a long journey of so many experiences. From the first to last month, there has been so many things. Thank God it has ended in praise. The testimony is that the mother and child are safe. As they would say in my church, nothing missing, nothing broken. God has taken the upper hand than the devil. Better is the end of the thing than the beginning.

 Has the Child been named?

The child has been named but not ceremonially. The official name is Emmanuel Chinemere Ikenna Okonkwo.

Why the names?

We had anticipated that the child will come during Christmas, but the Child came on 31st December. Emmanuel means God is with Us, and the Child takes after our Saviour, Jesus. The coming of our baby is significant in the fact that God is with us. Chinemere means doing it for us. Being my first born, Ikenna [jnr] is a suitable name that follows.

How did you meet your wife?

It is a long story. She is actually a professional nurse but I did not meet her when she was given me injection or another person. She had a business center around Nigeria Pilot where I worked in Wuse Zone 3. Most times, I would go there to pick up one or two things. Initially, it was another guy managing the place on her behalf, but it was later on that I started seeing here. What actually caught my attention was the way she was attending to people. She is very meticulous and attended to people well. I thought she was married because she dressed like she was ok and comfortable and not seeking any attention. Her attitude was very decent. When I saw her first, my attention was not to approach her. In the long run, I got to know that she was not married, and as time went on, one thing led to the other. We got talking and here we are. It was not a long courtship that lasted up to a year. I met her by Oct 2015 and by June 2016, we have started the process of doing our pre-marital class in Church.

What does she mean to you?

She means everything to me and I value her more than myself. She is a gift from God to me. Initially, I had the mindset that every other lady in Abuja is just an ordinary person. I have been in Abuja since 2012, but I did not put my heart on meeting any one here because of my perception that every other lady here is artificial because of how artificial the town can be. When I got close and we talked a lot, I discovered she was unique, and it silenced my opinion that not all the ladies are like that. She is unique and for me, ranks the number in the world.

What is your impression about Nigeria Taekwondo?

Some days ago, I just finished a dossier on the state of Nigeria Taekwondo as it were, with particular focus on what has happened in the past four months under the current new administration.

Actually, Nigeria Taekwondo is on the right path towards developing the right athletes, coaches and every other stakeholder. As one of the board member, Dr Mrs Anyanwu said, “the Federation is fully packed with so many intellectuals and the potential is massive.”. For me, if the activities of the past four years are anything to go by, the next one year will be even more positive, and we are really looking forward to better times ahead.